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  • An Awesome Experience And Totally Unforgettable.

    If the thrill of watching a predator doing what nature intended is for you,
    then why not book one of our Hunting Trips.
    The aim of the Falconry hunting day is to allow people to see how birds of prey hunt.

    Falconry is the art of flying trained hawks at wild quarry. The objective is to fly a suitable Hawk at selected quarry in the right type of enviroment so that a sporting flight results.

    There's always the chance you will see wild fauna and native birds of prey. This makes for an unforgettable experience with these awesome predators.

    This trip includes flying of Harris Hawks, Goshawks and the use of ferrets to flush prey for the birds to pursue.

    These run from the 1st September until March 31st.

    A Packed Lunch is also provided for this experience.
    If you have a special dietary needs
    please let us know in advance.

    This is a participating experience only, no spectators.

    A maximum of 2 people at one time,
    unless by arrangement.
    Be warned these encounters are not for the faint hearted and therefore we have a
    minimium age of 14 years.
    (Under 18's must be accompanied
    by a paying Adult).

    Please do not book this experience if you are squeamish in any way, remember that these birds are doing what nature designed them to do and that is hunt prey.

    Our intention is not to offend any person whatsoever, but to give those that wish to see this incredible family of birds flying free and showing off their awesome abilities.

    Contact us with your requirements
    or to purchase over the phone.

    Read Full Terms and Conditions HERE.

    Hunting Trip
    Approx 4/5 Hours
    Refreshments/packed lunch provided.
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